The best way to propse: to the song “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” by Queen.

Go to work on Monday. Normal, every day Monday. Nothing suspicious (I go out to work on Monday morning)

Go out to a nice dinner, everything’s all romantic and such (Tuesday I go off to honeymoon)

Go for a bike ride on Wednesday (Bicycling on every Wednesday evening)

Go to the zoo on Thursday (Thursdays I go walzting to the zoo)

Go to a museum/ any outing of your choice, hopefully it’s artsy (Fridays I go painting in the Louvre)

Propose on Saturday (I’m bound to be proposing on a Saturday night)

Have Sunday to yourself, just hang out and be cozy together (I’ll be lazing on a sunday afternoon)

And then if she (or he) is truly awesome, they’ll love it.